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My GLUE Experience

December 10, 2013

By Miriam Laleye, Sophomore Aerospace Engineering Student

Headshot of Miriam LalayeWhen I decided to apply for the Graduates Linked with Undergraduates in Engineering (GLUE) Program, at first it was to learn more about the scope of my major, Aerospace Engineering. I chose my major because I developed a high interest in aircrafts when I was in high school; however, I never had the opportunity to compare my expectations with the reality of the field. I hoped that the GLUE experience would grant me the opportunity to learn more about my major, and be able to judge whether or not it was actually what I thought, what I wanted, and what was best for me.

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Doing Everything While Staying Sane

November 19, 2013

By Katherine Sandhop, Senior Mechanical Engineering Student

Picture of Katherine Sandhop smilingHaving a completely balanced college life/experience seems to be this crazy myth that someone made up. There are so many things that we push ourselves to do that it seems impossible to do them all and do them all well. For me, it almost becomes a checklist: go to class, get good grades, be involved in academic organizations, be involved in university organizations, work, get a good night's sleep, and oh yeah, while you're in college, try to have some fun!

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Going to Tutoring

November 5, 2013

By Kendall Mueller, Sophomore Chemical Engineering Student

Picture of Kendall Mueller smilingThere’s nothing more important than getting help when you are struggling. I know most people come into college thinking “I don’t need help! I can do it all on my own” which is exactly how you felt in high school. Unfortunately college becomes a lot harder and at some point in time, you are going to need help.

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Alumni Spotlight: Laura Bosworth-Bucher

October 14, 2013

Headshot of Laura Bosworth

Laura Bosworth is CEO and co-founder of TeVido BioDevices, an early stage life sciences/biotech start-up using 3D bio-printing to develop tissue engineered products for reconstructive surgery, wound-healing and burns. 

With a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso she started her career in manufacturing process development for IBM Austin.

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My Internship Abroad

October 3, 2013

By Nicole Chorba – 2nd year Mechanical Engineering

Headshot of Nicole ChorbaI knew I wanted this summer to be memorable. College is the last time we can have a 3 month summer vacation, so why not take full advantage of it? On the UT study abroad website, I came across the BE Global program which places engineering and business students in either Barcelona, Spain or Shanghai, China to do a 6 or 10 week internship. It's killing two birds with one stone: an internship and experience abroad!

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My Advice to Incoming Freshmen

July 1, 2013

By Allison Rich (Sophomore Mechanical Engineering Student)

Picture of Allison Rich smilingJoin a FIG! A FIG or First-year Interest Group is technically a class for a small group (25 max) of freshmen who typically have the same major.  In reality, it’s more of an advice hour with your FIG Mentor (an upperclassman who is in the same field).  The hour long class is an excellent way to meet people in your major, get advice from an upperclassman, and much more.

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