LEW II group2

Leadership Empowerment Weekend

Leadership Empowerment Weekend will take place on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Leadership Empowerment Weekend (LEW) provides 30 engineering student leaders from Pi Sigma Pi, NSBE, and SHPE with the opportunity to enhance leadership skills. The day-long program includes lectures, workshops and planning sessions that focus on the skills necessary for developing strong student organizations and successful student leaders on campus.

Pi, NSBE, and SHPE officers conduct interactive brainstorming sessions where they review goals, evaluate old programs and develop new initiatives for the upcoming year. The sessions also facilitate interaction between upper-division student leaders and younger officers.


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"LEW was amazing! I felt hesitant about my leadership position, but now I can't wait."

"I strongly believe in the impact LEW has on the following year's success. THANK YOU!"

"I really enjoyed LEW and was inspired and motivated to become a stronger leader in life and become a better person."