Benefits of MITE

Attending the MITE Enrichment Program is one of the best ways to learn more about engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.

As a MITE participant, you  have the opportunity to:

  • Interact with engineering student leaders, distinguished faculty, and dedicated staff members.
  • Gain insight into what life is like as a Longhorn Engineering student.
  • Participate in an engineering project, hands-on activities, lectures, and tours while learning about the different fields of engineering.
  • Acquire the vision of the true college experience by living on-campus.
  • Make friends from all over Texas and from out-of-state.
  • Learn about admissions and financial aid and what you can do to prepare for college.

In 2016, 100 students were selected to participate in the MITE program. Read about their experience. 

"MITE has definitely sealed the deal on a pursuit for education and a career in engineering. It has really put engineering into perspective by introducing and explaining many types of engineering disciplines. MITE is a great program!"

"MITE has definitely better prepared me for pursuing a degree in engineering, for I feel as though I have a better understanding of both the materials covered in undergraduate education for engineering majors and future career options."

"I think MITE has reinforced information that I already knew about engineering especially about time management and to stay on top of my work in order to graduate. MITE also reinforced the concept that it is definitely possible for me to get an engineering degree like it is not too difficult. "

"I think that before this experience, my idea of pursuing any degree in college was really vague. I imagined it as simply an extension of high school. Now I feel that I'm better prepared to enter college, and I've become more interested in research than I had been before."

"MITE did help me prepare for pursuing a degree in engineering. All the experiences from the huge project to touring the labs and receiving lectures, I feel more confident in myself to push through all the hardships and eventually receive the degree."

"MITE not only helped me understand what engineering would be like, but also showed me what problems students in engineering face and how one should act accordingly. So, MITE was more than just learning about engineering."



Learn more about the MITE Program through frequently asked questions.

How to Apply to MITE

The MITE application for 2018 has closed. Admission decisions will be made by April 19.


Contact Enrique Dominguez at or at 512-471-5953.

Youth Protection Program

The purpose of the Youth Protection Program (YPP) is to protect all minors in their university-sponsored activities and interactions involving members of The University of Texas at Austin community. Read more about the YPP and the restriction of carrying a concealed handgun by any person involved in a University of Texas at Austin camp/program for minors.