Texas Research Experience (TREX)

The Texas Research Experience program, or TREX, offers a number of opportunities to successful upper division students. These include:

  • Further enhance academic experience with undergraduate research,
  • Learn about careers in research in an academic setting,
  • Learn about the benefits of obtaining a graduate engineering degree, and
  • Use the experience to become a competitive graduate school applicant.

Selected TREX participants demonstrate exceptional academic competence, leadership skills, independence and ingenuity, and the ability to balance multiple responsibilities.

Selected TREX participants must:

  • Perform 8-10 hours of research/lab work each week.
  • Enroll in a one-hour weekly course, 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. (Wednesdays only) for the fall and spring semesters.
  • Attend weekly meetings, workshops and round-tables.
  • Complete an abstract, report, poster, and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Submit and present a final report.
  • Attend the EOE Excellence Awards Banquet.
  • Possibly present research at conferences.

In return, TREX participants receive:

  • Exposure to industry representatives and faculty members.
  • Valuable research experience.
  • Valuable experience in preparing papers and presentations.
  • Monthly stipend totaling $1500 per semester for two semesters.
  • A competitive edge over other graduate school applicants.

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Erica Martin
Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program 

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