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EOE is supported by the Cockrell School, corporate partners, and grants from the federal and state governments.  Over the last 10 years, the EOE Program has raised more than $3.8 million dollars from private, federal, and state sources to support students historically underrepresented in engineering. 

What Giving to EOE means...

Any and all gifts are very much appreciated and because you give, we cause change in the world. All contributions go to support the entire EOE Program and its initiatives, but below are some examples of what giving to EOE means:

$25 means a pre-college student can come to campus and learn about UT Engineering and the admissions process.

$50 means an admitted HS students can come to campus and be persuaded to make UT Engineering their first choice.

$150 means a current student can get 1 hour of FREE tutoring a week for the entire semester.

$400 means a rising HS rising senior can attend our My Introduction to Engineering (MITE) Enrichment Program.

$650 means 25 First-year Interest Group (FIG) students can be mentored by a successful engineering peer leader.

$1,500 means recognizing a “Hall of Fame” student for their academic and leadership success.

$3,000 means giving an undergraduate student the opportunity to change the world through a research experience.

$5,000 means preparing currents students with professional skills that will help secure a career in engineering.

$25,000 means a lifetime of supporting the EOE Program through an EOE Endowed Excellence Fund.

You can support EOE as an Alumni Partner or Company Partner.  Your support and involvement helps EOE make a significant impact on our student community.

7 Ways to Give to EOE

Individual Gifts

All gifts made to the EOE Annual Fund are fully tax deductible. Learn more

Online – visit EOE website and click on the “Giving Online” button. You may give a One-time Gift, Monthly/Annual Gift or even a Sustaining Gift that continues until you decided to stop.

Cash, Checks or Money Orders - Gifts made by cash, money order or check (payable to The University of Texas at Austin) should be mailed with a letter stating your gift's purpose to:

Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program
Attn: Enrique Dominguez, Director
2616 Wichita Street Stop A9600 (BWY 106)
Austin, Texas 78712

Planned Gifts

Gift planning is a powerful way you can support the EOE Program. Through a planned or deferred gift, donors can positively affect the future of the Program and its students. Learn more

Review your 401K - Naming The University of Texas Cockrell School of Engineering as a beneficiary is a simple way to give long term support to the EOE Program.

Review your wills – Make a provisional bequest to the Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program. There has never been a better time to review your assets with a licensed professional and make plans now to benefit your loved ones and the EOE Program in the future. Ready to include a bequest in your will? Simply reference this will and IRA beneficiary language in your will. If you have already included the Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program in your estate plans, please let us know.

Learn more about structuring a gift that will help fulfil your philanthropic interests and meet your personal, financial, and estate planning goals by contacting Chris Higgins at


Giving an EOE Endowed Excellence Fund allows you to honor a significant person/persons while supporting the Director’s initiatives for the EOE Program. Gifts of $25,000 are payable over five years and will be invested to create a named endowment. Donors will receive personalized annual reports on the use and impact of their endowment. Also, EOE Excellence Funds may be established using corporate matching gifts. If you are interested in establishing an EOE Excellence Fund, please contact Chris Higgins at for more details and a chance to explain your request. Learn more

The donated funds are managed by The University of Texas at Austin Investment Management Company (UTIMCO). Your gift is invested — never spent — and each year a distribution, is made to your chosen program or area. Investment earnings above the distribution help the endowment value grow over time, to keep pace with inflation and maintain your endowment's spending power.

Endowments can be created through a one-time gift or may be paid over a multi-year window. You may take up to five years to fund an endowment, and once it is officially established, you or anyone else may add to its principal at any time. Endowments are uniquely well-suited and gratifying funds for UT families; often established by parents or grandparents, they can be added to in future years by children or other family members.

Matching Gifts

More than 95,000 corporations and foundation match employee contributions to educational institutions. Most matches are dollar-for-dollar, effectively doubling – or in some cases even tripling - the value of donors’ gifts to the EOE Program. Some companies match the gifts of retirees and spouses as well as those of active employees. To find out if your company has a matching program, check our matching service or visit your company's human resources department.


Various gifts can be transferred on behalf of the donor to the EOE Program. To ensure proper gift credit of the gift and allocation to the EOE Program, donors should contact Chris Higgins at to request transfer instructions. Learn more

Wire Transfer - Wire transfers are most commonly used with gifts made from outside the United States or for large gifts within the US.

Stock Transfer - A gift of appreciated stock is an excellent way to support the EOE Program, simultaneously avoiding capital gains tax and taking a charitable deduction.


Periodically check the EOE website for MITE, ISB & CDL volunteer requests.

Corporate Philanthropy

For corporate partners interested in supporting the EOE Program, please contact:

Enrique Dominguez
Director, Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program
Location: EERC 2.608
Phone: 512-471-5953

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