Company Partners

Companies serve as EOE strategic partners to increase student diversity in the Cockrell School of Engineering.

By supporting EOE initiatives, company partners assist the Cockrell School with the development of more than 1,000 pre-college and college students on the academic journey to pursue careers in engineering.  In addition, these initiatives provide companies an excellent opportunity to gain visibility with diverse students, as well as help identify potential candidates for employment.  Many students contribute to the sucess of the EOE Program and you can find the following tags within their resumes: EOE Program Assistant, EOE Mentor, EOE Tutor Coordinator and EOE Tutor.

Furthermore, the following information provides a high level summary about all of EOE’s initiatives.

Thank you for supporting our EOE student community at The University of Texas at Austin. 
For more information, contact:

Enrique Dominguez
Director, Equal Opportunity in Engineering Program
Location: EERC 2.608
Phone: 512-471-5953