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Engineer Spotlight: Kathy Cook, BSME '93

October 13, 2014

Picture of Kathy Cook smilingI graduated from UT with a BSME in December 1993. Even though my father had been a chemical engineer by trade, I had never had a desire to be an engineer. I was always great at math and science in school, but I didn't really understand what an engineer really was when I graduated from high school. I began my time at UT as a psychology major, switched to business after one semester, and then decided to try a couple of engineering classes during the summer after my first year.

Immediately after graduating from UT, I started working at Applied Materials in the semiconductor industry. I didn't even know what a semiconductor was when I first got the job. I have been in the same industry for twenty years now and have absolutely loved it. I served in an engineering function for a few years and reluctantly went into a technical sales role after that. I have been in technical sales roles ever since with increasing responsibility along the way. I was able to get my Master of Materials Engineering degree from Auburn while working full time (and my company paid for my degree). I love the combination of technical skills and people skills that are required in my job. I now work for a very small IP company that licenses technology. I have gotten to travel all over the world and have met lots of interesting people along the way.