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Engineer Spotlight: Angela Beasley

July 10, 2015

Picture of Angela Beasley and small yellow robotI graduated from UT in 2003 with a BS in Computer Science. I actually started college as a communications major but my freshman year, I was looking for one more class to fill my schedule and signed up for a programming class for non-CS majors. I had never programmed before and really had no idea what programming even was. I ended up enjoying what I was learning in that class so much that the next semester, I switched my major to computer science! 


I interviewed for several different software engineering jobs after I graduated and decided to take one working on submarine sonar systems because it sounded the most exciting. I now create user interfaces that display sonar data for Navy sonar operators. The software I write goes on every submarine and surface ship in the US Naval fleet!

The cool thing about a degree in Computer Science is that you can use it to work on such a variety of things: from submarines and space ships, to Google and Facebook, to life-saving medical devices, self-driving cars, smart phone apps, video games, CGI movies, artificially-intelligent robots, green technologies and energy-efficient cars... the list goes on and on! Software engineering is a great career with so many interesting opportunities.